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Removing The Masks of Anxiety and Guilt

Updated: Feb 15

"Impacted But Not Imprisoned"

The end of the first quarter is here! I am so happy that I can share this year with you! I am Carolyn! Daughter of The King, Author, Motivational Speaker, Visionary, Podcaster, Entrepreneurial.

This year as prior years Anxiety and Guilt are still prevalent in MANY people lives, if even the more!

I'd like to encourage you if you are experiencing Anxiety and Guilt, YOU ARE NOT ALONE!

Please confront it so you can conquer it. You can find Wholeness Through Brokenness! In God there's: Hope. Faith. Inspiration.

There are so many resources and avenues of help available so if there's a need Answer the Cry!

In My Healing Journal, I Couldn't Hear Me Cry, it's a tool you can use available to help you journal, Affirm, confess, release, heal from past and present pain that keeping you from living in peace, joy, comfort, and the abundant life god intended you to live!

God will NEVER leave you or forsake you! His word is TRUE!

Psalms 34:18- God is near to the brokenhearted and He saves those of a contrite (crushed) spirit.

God Will Set The Captives Free!!

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Anxiety The Joy Stealer Tips to combat it!

  • Exercise

  • reading

  • journaling

  • music

  • meditation

  • candles/ essential oils

  • PRAY

Lavender Essential Oil- Great for calming

Scented Candles

Relaxing cup of Tea from the IBNI Mug

Get you copy of My Healing Journal on Amazon or My website

"The Most Beautiful Part of You is You!"

All things are possible to those who believe

Mark 9:23

Remember to remove the masks you're hiding behind and confront the Anxiety and/Guilt so you can HEAL!

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