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Fight, Flight, or Freeze?

You might be saying WHAT!? What is she talking about? well, I'm speaking about the times when we are faced with being overwhelmed, anxious, uncertain. We are in days and times where we are BUSY!! We start our days off with a " to do list" we do are very best to start it off with prayer and thanksgiving, and then it's time for the rubber to meet the road so to speak.

If you are not one to organize your day, have a plan of action, or set goals you (we) will be ALL over the place. So, now there's the decision to Fight for control of your (our) day, to take flight from dealing with all the things that you have to accomplish, or Freeze and do NOTHING? Well freezing is not an option! too many things are on the table. You (we) are held accountable and responsible for things in life that important for everyday survival. But we do not have to let it OVERWHELM us.

Many times during fight, flight, freeze we may have to choose to Prioritize, reorganize, refocus, renew, declutter, even remove people or things in order to find peace, regain control, navigate, and maneuver in your life.

There is ALWAYS an ANSWER! God promise to give us a way of escape, Be Willing to CHOOSE to Change, Acknowledge, and take ACTION!!


  • Confront if you are Fighting, flighting, or freezing- Deal with the hard things

  • A setback is just a setup for your comeback

  • Prayer is not an option it's a MUST

  • God's word will EMPOWER You

  • Get a journal, calendar, notebook, and begin to Focus on The Necessary. Write the vision and make it plain ( CLARITY)

  • Treat yourself when you WIN Remember: You May Have Been Impacted But You Are Not Imprisoned. God is The SOURCE that makes RESOUCES Available. So, PLUG into The Source and SET YOURSELF FREE

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