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When I asked god for the Theme for this conference I had in mind ALL the women who felt or heard that you couldn't pour from an empty cup? Then the Holy Spirit reminded me that you have to see what's in YOUR cup! if you look inside your cup and see that it contains loss hope, low self-esteem, validation from others, tiredness, doubt, rejection, offenses, envy, jealousy, no prayer, lost faith.... Then you are pouring from an empty cup. But imagine attending this conference and this cup begins to be filled with love, peace, joy, praise, worship, thankfulness, gratefulness, hope, increased faith, and to fulfil your God-Given assignment and pursue HIS purpose in your life. YES! YOUR CUP RUNNETH OVER YOU are an OVERCOMER THROUGH CHRIST JESUS.

We have a dynamic speaker, MC, Psalmist, a panel quest, musicians, our volunteers, management team, fellowship, food, giveaways!!

Be the first to REGISTER for the CONFERENCE and receive a special Gift at the conference

Be the Second Vendor and it can be YOU????

BE the FIRST SPONSOR and......

Register at go to the products link and click on conference, vendor, or Sponsor.

blessings and pray to see you there

Carolyn Blake

Visionary of IBNI

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