DO You Like Candles?

Updated: Jan 4

Aromatherapy Candles are made of natural ingredients. The ingredients are blended with essential oils which are extracted from medicinal a aromatic herbs for their soothing annd calming effect.

You should exercise care when purchasing Aromatherapy Candles because it might not have natural ingredients.

Candles that contain Synthetic ingredients can emit toxic gases when lit.

Pure aroma of essential oils,aromatherapy candles when lit has a faint but steady flow of floral and herbal aroma.

The molecules that are released enters your respiratory system when inhaled.

The oil that is released contains relaxing properties that also works to release stress.

Here are some of the commonly used Aromatherapy candles and their benefits:

Lavender- positive effects in relieving fatigue and depression and promotes relaxation.

Eucalyptus- it helps when inhaled its a decongestant for your nose and to help a cold, Some believe eucalyptus has a revitalizing and energetic effect.

Chamomile- helps promotes sleep when burned at bedtime

jasmine, rose, ginger oil, tea tree oil, these are some of the most common essential oils that are used in making aromatherapy candles,



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