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Impacted But Not Imprisoned

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The Lord is nigh unto them that are of a broken heart; and saveth such as be of a contrite spirit. - Psalm 34:18

"We may be impacted but we are not imprisoned!"

- Carolyn E. Blake


We Are Here For YOU!

Impacted But Not Imprisoned is a faith-based organization located in Charleston, South Carolina.  The visionary, Carolyn Blake has a passion for helping women overcome some of life’s challenges. She is an Impacter, Author, Motivator, and Speaker.  Together with her team, she empowers, encourages, and impacts women to live beyond adversities of anxiety and guilServices are provided through in-person and virtual workshops, seminars and conferences and group coaching.  

  • ​Are you struggling with your emotions?

  • Do you have circumstances that leave you feeling hopeless?

  • Are you or family members struggling with alcohol or other addictions?

  • Are you a mother with an incarcerated child, and you're feeling overwhelmed?

  • Are you raising your kids' child (children ) and feeling alone?

  • Are you a nurturer by nature and can't say "NO"?

  • Do you find yourself always trying to please others?

  • Maybe you're a self-sacrificer, always doing for others and never finding time for "YOU".

Whatever it is, God has a plan for you. And we can help you to find your Hope, Restore your Faith, and get your Inspiration back!! You need to become a member of this community with other liked-minded women who are experiencing just what you're feeling. If you're already a member - thank you! We will continuously encourage you on your daily journey, to bring you from being IMPACTED to "Finding wholeness through your brokenness."



Signature Candle

Enjoy this calming Lavender scented soy candle. Allow this candle to illuminate your space and become your shining light.   



Carolyn's Story

Hear the story... At the Foot of the Cross is about Carolyn’s life. As a young girl, she experienced things a child should not.  As an adult, she wondered about her purpose.  When she began to question her life, she had an encounter with the Lord.  God laid her down, broke her into tiny pieces and put her back together again.  God showed her how he would use her trouble, brokenness, and healing to build her faith and dependency on him to make her whole again.

We would love for you to become part of our Community!

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